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Modernity dressed in unique forms The dynamic structure of the lectern for sale causes that it is perceived  as a very modern and even futuristic product.  The steel construction with high strength guarantees  good stability. Large desk has two useful cavities for ex. for glass, phone or other small objects.



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Lectern for sale


The construction based on the bearing post allows for the assembly of front desk in three different shapes. Thanks to such solution lectern becomes a visually comprehensive product, which fulfils expectations of the most demanding persons.



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Stability of the construction, as well as elegance of the shapes add class and prestige to each lecture. Adjusted tilt angle of the desk allows for setting your notes in the most comfortable position. Each desk has useful round cavities, where you can put glass, bottle with water or other small objects.

Vestiga lectern for sale



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Awart Lecterns

Extraordinary shape – professional use This lectern is designed in the manner that allows its user shape the front and the simplicity of the assembly enables its change at any time.



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Not only the design is unique, but also materials used for its finishing. This furniture is a great addition to classic and modern interiors. The body can be equipped with display and logotype.



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Our aim is to create elegant, durable, mobile and miltimedia furniture made for the 21st Century.

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